Malleshwaram Heritage Walk

Malleshwaram Heritage Walk

Join us as we walk the neighbourhood often referred to as the cultural heart of Bangalore.
Having been home to Nobel laureates, to Diwans, to artists and scholars it has a vibrant atmosphere unique to itself.

Visit a placid lake with expansive views and lovely walkways, filled with the laughter of children.

Explore a delightful temple complex dating back to the 1600’s with its majestic gopuram, lush garden and a stepped water pool.

Meander through colourful bazaars filled with the heavy scent of jasmines, tuberoses, fresh fruits and sweet incense.

Marvel at a way of life unique to the locality.

Stops also include a center for culture, beautiful homes of a bygone era and more.

We pause midway for some hot south Indian snacks and wrap up the walk with fine filter coffee under a canopy of tall trees in a charming heritage site.

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