In the footsteps of Rajas and Sultans

In the footsteps of Rajas and Sultans

A fascinating walk tracing the evolution of Bangalore from its origin in the medieval ages.

This is an area of Bangalore like no other. You will be pleasantly shocked and mesmerized at every nook and turn as we snake our way through colorful bazaars, markets, ancient temples, a fortification and more.

Learn about the early denizens of the densely populated labyrinthine streets of this once walled city. What are their contributions and heritage as well as that of their rulers and overlords over the ages – the Kempegowdas, Marathas, Mughals, Rajas and Sultans of the kingdom of Mysore and also the British?

Visit sites of the British assault and capture of the city, a brutal event that claimed the lives of thousands of valiant defenders – a turning point in our history

This invigorating stroll of about 2.5 kms with multiple stops along the way includes a stop for filter coffee.